Accelerate Web3 Adoption with Microsoft’s AI Infrastructure: Aptos Labs

Von | 10. August 2023

• Aptos Labs has partnered with Microsoft to expand global access to Web3.
• Aptos will use Microsoft’s infrastructure, including its Azure OpenAI Service, to power new AI and blockchain based products to make it easy for developers to build on the platform.
• The partnership will also introduce the Aptos Assistant chatbot that will streamline access to information about the Aptos ecosystem.

Aptos Labs Partners With Microsoft

Aptos Labs has announced a major partnership with Microsoft as part of its efforts to expand global access to Web3. Through the collaboration, Aptos will leverage Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service infrastructure in order to streamline and scale dApps being built on the blockchain network.

AI-Powered Tools For Developers

As part of this partnership, developers building on the Aptos network will be able to benefit from a range of AI-powered tools such as Aptos Assistant – a chatbot designed to simplify access to information about the Aptos ecosystem – and integration of its native programming language Move into Github’s AI-powered Copilot service. This should help developers access data and resources necessary for deployment of smart contracts and dApps easily.

Positive Impact on Token Price

The news was well received by investors, causing an uptick in the price of the token which rose 18% from $6.72 up to highs of $7.92 following its announcement.

Shared Vision for Future Adoption

Commenting on the development, Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO at Aptos Labs said: “Together with Microsoft, our shared vision is to ensure that this technology is accessible to more people and organizations than ever before.“ He added: „By fusing Aptos Labs‘ technology with the Microsoft Azure Open AI Service capabilities we aim towards democratizing use of blockchain enabling users to seamlessly onboard onto Web3“.


It’s clear that this partnership between two leading tech giants could have a significant impact on global adoption of Web3 applications in future – especially when considering how artificial intelligence is quickly converging with blockchain technologies due their potential impact on society as a whole.