Earn While You Play – Start Now With Metacade’s Red-Hot Presale!

Von | 5. März 2023

• The Crypto market is bouncing back after a bearish 2022, and investors are looking for the next big thing to maximize their profits.
• Metacade is a new project aiming to revolutionize gaming by creating a virtual P2E arcade.
• The presale has raised an impressive $8.3m in just 14 weeks, with interest continuing to grow as the project prepares to launch.

Crypto Market Recovering After Bearish 2022

The crypto market saw a tough decline in 2022, but experts are now optimistic that it’s on its way back up. Investors have been looking for the next big thing to maximize their returns and drive growth in the sector.

Metacade Revolutionizing Gaming

A new disruptive GameFi project called Metacade is stealing the investment limelight. Its whitepaper released in 2022 laid out plans to create a virtual P2E arcade that would be at the heart of this movement, which analysts predict will experience explosive growth over the coming years.

Presale Raising Impressive Amounts

The presale has seen huge success and raised an astonishing $8.3m so far in just 14 weeks, with no sign of slowing down yet as it moves into stage 5 of its funding process.

Metacade Aiming To Dominate GameFi Market

By setting up their one-stop gaming destination enabling gamers to make the most out of their favorite hobby while also earning an income, Metacade looks well-placed to dominate this sector for years to come thanks to its strong community focus and lucrative rewards program.


Overall, Metacade looks set for big things over the next few years as it takes steps towards revolutionizing gaming and becoming a frontrunner in this competitive market sector. With such positive reception from investors during its presale period, there’s plenty of cause for optimism about what lies ahead for those who get involved early on in this exciting venture!