Optimism Returns to Crypto Markets with Success of Metacade’s MCADE Presale

Von | 14. Januar 2023

• Investors are worried that the Binance exchange may not survive the bear market.
• Metacade’s MCADE presale has been successful and is bringing positive sentiment to the crypto markets.
• Binance exchange is under fire due to a proof-of-reserves audit inconsistency, raising fears of an FTX-style bank run.

Investors in the crypto market have been feeling uneasy in recent months as the bear market continues to drag on. One of the key points of concern is the future of the Binance exchange, which has been the go-to platform for many crypto traders and investors. The exchange has been under fire recently due to a proof-of-reserves audit inconsistency, which has raised fears of an FTX-style bank run.

The bear market has also caused investors to become more wary of investing in new digital assets, as the risk of losses has increased. However, one project that has been able to bring some optimism back to the market is Metacade. The project has been highly successful in launching its MCADE presale, which managed to attract seven figures worth of funding and sold out the beta phase in just three weeks.

The success of the presale is seen as a sign of promise for the future of the crypto markets, as it shows that investors are still interested in investing in Web3 projects. This is in stark contrast to the fears surrounding the Binance exchange, which is under fire due to the proof-of-reserves audit inconsistency. The audit revealed that Binance’s BTC liabilities were $245 million bigger than their BTC reserves, leading to fears that an FTX-style bank run could cause major problems.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance exchange, appeared on CNBC to discuss the financial situation of Binance exchange and was reluctant to hire a top four auditing firm to reveal liabilities. This hesitancy has only invited more FUD during the bear market, and investors are becoming increasingly worried that the exchange may not survive the bear market.

In contrast, the success of Metacade’s MCADE presale shows that investors are still optimistic about the future of Web3 and digital assets. The presale has been a key project in bringing positive sentiment back to the crypto markets, and investors are now looking forward to the future.