Shiba Inu Gains 6% as 50M Shiba Memu Tokens Sell Out on Meme Craze

Von | 3. August 2023

• Shiba Inu has risen by over 6% amid Shibarium news and the launch of its Beta Bridge.
• Shiba Memu has raised $1.5 million from its presale, with investors buying over 50 million tokens.
• Meme cryptocurrencies continue to garner interest despite markets being mixed, indicating a growing popularity for such coins.

Shiba Inu Gains Amid Shibarium News

Shiba Inu has risen by over 6% following positive news on the upcoming launch of its Shibarium platform. The AI-driven blockchain project is expected to give more utility to the crypto and power its metaverse dream. This makes it an attractive proposition for investors who are banking on meme tokens that offer overnight hype potential.

Shiba Memu Benefits From Meme Craze

The meme craze has also been beneficial for Shiba Memu, which launched a presale recently. Investors bought up over 50 million tokens from the sale, generating nearly $1.5 million in funds for the project. This is indicative of a growing interest in meme-based cryptocurrencies despite crypto markets being mixed overall.

Top Gainers Among Top 20 Cryptos

The gains in Shiba Inu have made it one of the top gainers among the top 20 cryptos this week, adding over 6%. It is closely followed by BNB which gained 3.30% during the same period, underlining investor confidence in cryptocurrency projects that drive overnight hype potentials like Shiba Memu’s presale did.

Potential For Self-Marketing Cryptocurrencies

Shiba Memu is taking advantage of this demand for meme based currencies as it offers a self-marketing solution through its AI applications and blockchain technology. As such, it stands out among other projects as investors are banking on its long term potential to take on established blockchains and cryptos like Shina Inu did when it first came into existence some time ago and continues to do so today with news about Shibarium’s launch promising further gains for SHMU holders soon enough too..


Meme cryptocurrencies continue to generate interest from investors who are looking for projects that offer overnight hype potentials while not sacrificing long term prospects either at the same time. With Shina Inu gaining this week due to news about Shibarium’s beta bridge going live and Shima Memo raising $1.5 million following its presale, these two projects illustrate just how popular meme based cryptocurrencies have become recently and just how much potential they hold moving forward as well!