Startup launches blockchain application to certify video and photo authenticity and fight fake news

Von | 14. Januar 2021

Blockchain technology is used in the Capture App application, which allows you to follow manipulations in blockchain images and videos.

Startup launches blockchain application to certify the authenticity of videos and photos and fight fake newsNOTES
The challenge of offering authenticity to information and images on social networks and message applications causes concern around the world, especially recent cases of manipulation of entire societies through massive fake news campaigns.

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According to a Pew Research survey, 73% of US citizens do not believe that technology companies are able to combat the malicious use of their platforms to spread lies and manipulate people en masse.

Therefore, the open-source project Starling Framework for Data Integrity was launched to authenticate online content and track its use, with the creation of blockchain certificates to track photos and videos and track changes in content.

Using this technology, Taiwan Numbers Protocol Startup launched a Bitcoin Superstar photo application that certifies the authenticity of all content produced in blockchain and helps track any changes to the original version, even when professional image editing applications are involved.

Capture App, despite not being part of Starling Framework, keeps the premises of the partner project, already available in App Store and Google Play.

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The Starling Framework technology was created in partnership with the prestigious Stanford University in the United States and the USC Shoah Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of memory and of photos, videos and testimonies of survivors of genocide and mass violence.

The technology also has among its partners the news agency Reuters, which certified all photos taken during the US presidential race last year using blockchain technology.

The media is in fact one of the preferred targets of conspiracy theory propagators like the white supremacist groups that invaded the Capitol in the United States. These groups often manipulate images, publications, and information in criminal ways to discredit professional media.

In addition to Reuters, a number of known names in the cryptoesphere also contribute to the project, such as Filecoin, Hala Systems, Protocol Labs, and Hedera.

The challenge of fighting fake news and misinformation, according to project co-founder Tammy Yang told TechCrunch, is what drives the Numbers application.

The ultimate goal, she said, is to inspire other companies to use blockchain to protect information and content, identify manipulation and combat the spread of lies:

„False news and misinformation have created more public awareness about the need to preserve the integrity of photos. By the time the photo is taken, the integrity of the image is already preserved. If the content is captured in a camera application and then copied to a content platform, it is already very difficult to verify its origin. If I take a photo from Facebook and register it in blockchain, that means nothing. It is very different if I take a picture with the Capture app and immediately create a blockchain record“.

Brazil has also suffered from the mass dissemination of false and manipulated information, often spread by the federal government itself, led by Jair Bolsonaro (No Party). The very campaign that led to his victory is under suspicion of the manipulation of information and the illegal dissemination of false news en masse against his opponent in 2018, Fernando Haddad of the Workers‘ Party. The case drags on in the Superior Electoral Court, with no prospect of resolution.

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The Brazilian president himself has used his social and message networks to spread misinformation and lies convenient to his management. Rarely has Bolsonaro come to the public to deny himself.

As reported by Cointelegraph Brasil, the financial transaction system launched by the Central Bank in November 2020, Pix, is also the target of fake news in WhatsApp, where a video circulates with a man saying that Pix would be used for „state control“ through the analysis of financial transactions. The Central Bank says it has no access to personal information or details of the financial behavior of users of the system.

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