Threads Races to 100 Million Users: Who Will Win the Twitter vs. Threads Battle?

Von | 12. Juli 2023

• Zuckerberg has launched a new social media platform, Threads, which is now at 100 million users.
• Chancer is a blockchain-based predictive markets app that looks to disrupt the betting market.
• The battle between Twitter and Threads has begun with investors predicting an epic showdown between the two platforms.

Threads Races to 100 Million Users

Mark Zuckerberg’s new social media platform, Threads, has raced to more than 100 million users just days after its launch. With features such as liking posts, commenting, reposting and sharing videos of up to 5 minutes, this Instagram sister app poses a major challenge to Twitter in what could be an epic battle of the social media titans.

Chancer Takes Flight

At the same time as the Twitter-Threads rivalry takes shape, Chancer – a predictive markets platform built on the blockchain – is gaining attention and gathering momentum in its presale with over 67 million tokens sold and nearly $680k raised so far. This comes as investors recognize the potential of this project to disrupt the global betting industry.

Twitter vs Threads

Currently, Twitter boasts less than 370 million users compared to Thread’s quick rise of 100 million in only four days. As predictions are made regarding which platform will come out on top in this ultimate showdown, some people have already placed wagers accordingly.

What Does This Mean for Chancer?

The increasing popularity of Threads coupled with investor enthusiasm for Chancer indicates that there might be room for both projects in the social media space. The potential impact of Chancer’s blockchain-based prediction markets platform could be seen in how it changes up online betting worldwide while also providing investors with an opportunity to gain returns from their investments into CHANCER tokens during presale stage.


With both projects growing in popularity and recognition among their respective user bases, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out between these two titans of social media: Twitter vs Threads – who will triumph?