Turn Your Predictions into Profits: Unlock 100x Potential with Chancer Token

Von | 28. Juni 2023

• The Chancer betting platform will enable users to set their own odds and bet on anything they want.
• The US Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting in 2018, leading to rapid growth in the industry.
• Chancer is a decentralized social predictive market-making platform that is leveraging blockchain technology and has launched its native CHANCER cryptocurrency token.

Chancer Set to Benefit Most from Fast-Growing Betting Industry


The fast-growing betting industry provides a great opportunity for new entrants like Chancer, who are looking to revolutionize the way people place bets. With the US Supreme Court striking down the federal ban on sports betting in 2018, more than 30 states and the District of Columbia have legalized sports betting and 10 other states are expected to do so soon. This has opened up new opportunities for players outside of traditional bookmakers who bet against participants.

Chancer Platform

Chancer seeks to capitalize on this opportunity by introducing a decentralized social predictive market-making platform allowing people to place bets on any prediction or event and have complete control over their bets. Leveraging blockchain technology for decentralization, Chancer’s native CHANCER cryptocurrency is currently being sold during its presale which has already seen 36,763,989 tokens sold at press time.

Benefits of CHANCER Tokens

CHANCER token holders will start benefiting from their tokens immediately after the presale concludes as it will be listed live on Uniswap exchange with an expected price of $0.021 per token according to Chancer’s presale schedule. Token holders will be able to use their tokens in various ways such as staking them or using them as collateral for lending platforms or even trading them on exchanges for profits. Additionally, CHANCER tokens can also be used for purchasing goods and services within the Chancer ecosystem as well as participating in prediction markets created by third parties built upon the Chancer protocol.


By introducing a decentralized social predictive market-making platform along with its native CHANCER cryptocurrency token, Chancer looks poised to benefit most from the rapidly growing global betting industry while giving users greater control over their bets than ever before.